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Welcome to 
Manila Christian Computer
Institute for the Deaf Online


"The first and only institute dedicated to serve the deaf
community in the Philippines"

 What is MCCID?
MCCID is a non-stock, non-profit, Christ centered computer foundation that
       provides post secondary training for the deaf in the Philippines.

MCCID conducts additional computer trainings/tutorials and scholarship 
       grants to the deaf.

MCCID helps in promoting Philippine Sign Language and disseminating
       information about deafness, deaf and their culture.

MCCID also provides job placements for all qualified deaf graduates.

MCCID helps in promoting Philippine Sign Language and  disseminating 
       information about deafness, deaf and their culture.

MCCID is the most comprehensive storehouse of directory of government
       and non government organizations, Christian churches, deaf individuals,
              schools for the deaf and companies that employ the deaf in the Philippines.

How can you contact us?

Write to us at:
Manila Christian Computer Inst. for the Deaf
4447-D Old Sta. Mesa St.
Sta. Mesa, Manila, Philippines 1016

Call us at:
Tel. Nos.: (632)713-28-36     Fax Nos.: (632)713-34-69

E-mail us at:

Let us know how we may help you and what you think
about our web site:
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We would be very happy to hear from you.

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