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Our Philosophy, Mission and Objectives
Why computers for the deaf?

        The age of computer started way back early 70's but not until the early 80's when people focused their attention to it.  They gradually spread computers into every sector of society whether in business or at home.  They learned to appreciate its value as far as technology information and dissemination are concerned.

        But for the hearing impaired, it's still a new field of work.  Although at present, many deaf people have landed jobs that are connected to computer work applications, still there are a vast majority of them who needs to be trained in order to become skilled and competent workers.

        Thus, Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf Foundation, Inc. was formally established.

What is Manila Christian Computer Institute for the Deaf?

        MCCID for short, is a newly established, non-stock, non-profit foundation registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission last October, 1993.  It started when two young Christian computer professionals, one hearing and one deaf, dreamed of an educational institute that could concentrate on the needs of the hearing impaired through the use of computers.  This field of work is fitted to them because it needs minimal supervision and communication skill.

        With the help of  Manila Christian Computer and Technical Institute, a well-established computer training school in Sta. Mesa, they arranged a tie-up program.  Later on, family and friends who are knowledgeable in deaf and computer education and share the same visions and aspirations, gave both financial and intellectual supports.

        MCCID is conceptualized on the belief that every deaf individual is capable of doing jobs that hearing people do and that his handicap is not a hindrance to attain what is required in working at any type of environment.

What are its missions and objectives?

        The principal aim of  MCCID is to assist the hearing impaired in getting a better chance to compete for employment, education and other opportunities like every other citizen.

        Its specific objectives are:

            - to establish a training institution that upholds Christian beliefs and values at work, social interaction and personality development;


            - to help the deaf, regardless of economic status, gain access to better employment in the field of computer and computer work applications through technical education ;
            - to give additional training to improve his computer skill competencies that can be compared to existing industry standards ;

            - to provide job assistance and placement for qualified graduates for domestic employment ;

            - to develop relevant and appropriate computer based curriculum and instructional materials for the deaf ;

            - to assist in the development of sign language for science and technology terms ;

            - to provide scholarships and free training seminars to qualified hearing impaired, and

            - to help in the dissemination of information about deafness, deaf people and their culture.
Other schools offer computer education for the deaf, how is MCCID different from them?

        Since MCCID has a tie-up with Manila Christian Computer and Technical Institute, all the operations and immediate transactions will be done at the same premises until a new place can be acquired.  Students will not be mainstreamed but rather handled as a separate group.

        Various subject areas are handled by qualified and competent instructors/trainors using Philippine Sign Language as a medium of instruction.

        Interpreters are needed only for subjects that are handled by non-signing instructors.

        Every room is well-ventilated and laboratories are equipped with adequate facilities to enhance learning process.

    We strictly adhere to the ONE STUDENT - ONE COMPUTER ratio.
........Each successful trainee is awarded a career development certificate to recognize his school performance which has been measured up to strictly fulfill the existing minimum standards of the industry.

        Specific courses require additional off-school training for a minimum of 300 hours.  MCCID has obtained school industry training arrangements where students are sent to real world work experiences.

After we graduate, can you assist us in finding jobs?

        MCCID has arranged the curriculum that would meet industry standards.  Contacts with several companies are expected to provide employment only for highly qualified graduates.

How is MCCID funded?

        As a non-profit foundation, MCCID is allowed by the government to solicit funds to various sectors of society both here and abroad to support our programs and projects.  It also relies on donations coming from the members of Board of  Incorporators, family and friends, minimal tuition and membership fee from students as well as other fund raising activities.

How may we become a member of this organization?

        If you are a student of MCCID, an institution, business firm that supports the objectives of the foundation or friend may become a member.  But they are all subject to the policies and guidelines of the organization.

Who may be admitted to MCCID?

        MCCID maintains a high standard of education for the hearing impaired.  Slots are reserved to only thirty (30) persons initially due to our limited resources, facilities and employment potentials.  Eventually we will expand in the coming years.

        Any deaf person who has at least completed secondary education and is very much interested to pursue a career in computer may be admitted to MCCID for any of its courses, subject to the following requirements :

        1. For all Courses/Subjects
            Submission of
                a. Photocopy of Form 138 (High School card) or Diploma
                b. Two recent ID photo. 1" x 1"
                c. Photocopy of Certificate of Grades for College graduates or college level students
                d. NCEE certificate not required

        However, for those who would like to enroll but are not yet high school graduates may be allowed to take up individual subjects, provided, however, that these subjects are basic or without pre-requisites (i.e. Manual Typing, Basic Computer System).

After we meet the requirements, how may we enroll?

            1. Submit your credentials to the Registrar.
            2. Take the Entrance Examination.
            3. Fill-up the necessary application forms.
            4. If passed, wait for schedule of interview.
            5. Pay the corresponding tuition fee.

Does MCCID provide for scholarship grants?

        Yes, it offers scholarship grants to qualified students.  But only on a limited number and the selection is subjects to the scholarship funds availability of the foundation.

How does MCCID tuition fee compare with those of other schools?

        MCCID fees are subsidized.  It means that the school shoulders a portion of the tuition fee.  It's a lot cheaper compared to other schools.  And you will get your money's worth because of full use of its facilities, equipment and a competent and highly qualified instructors/trainors for the deaf.

What are the visions of MCCID for the future?

        A society that respects the rights of every citizen makes a world a better place to live in.  We have a lot of things to teach the deaf about sentence structure, about proper ethics, about speech control.  But they have much to teach us about patience, integrity, loyalty and good life.

        We at MCCID foresee a future wherein the deaf can co-exist with the hearing without any discrimination nor communication barrier.  With these humble undertakings, we may succeed in carrying out our visions and dedication.

"MCCID, the better alternative to College education within the deaf's reach." 

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